Monday, June 18, 2012


Sorry! It's been awhile since the last blog post.  Here is the latest update.
The boys are rotten as usual.  This never changes.  I'm finishing my bachelor's degree online, Craig just started a new job closer to home with a little higher pay (yay!), and we're hoping to get family pictures taken within the next month or so.  Cooper's MRI at Children's is also this week, so we'll be updating as soon as we get some info from that.
Until then here was the rundown from our Saturday.
It was a glorious family day!  We all slept in, then packed up and went to play at a new park about 15 minutes away, had a picnic, then came home.  The boys took naps, we had breakfast for dinner...... or "brinner", and then the boys played in their bouncy house in the backyard.  Then they found the hose and made themselves a mud puddle and played in it for awhile.  After that Daddy hosed them off and they hung up the bird house and feeder Daddy helped them build and paint the day before.  Then........... baths!  And I still managed to squeeze in a few loads of laundry into that day, some tv time with Craig, some homework, and a run!