Saturday, August 25, 2012

assistance required

First the update - Gabe started school this week and he loves it. I'm very glad we decided to "red shirt" him and let him wait the extra year. It made a big difference. He is not intimidated by any of the new changes, and he's just been going with the flow. yay!

Now the problem. Cooper is the problem. More specifically Cooper and potty training. He does not want to. I've been taking it easy on him thinking when he's ready he'll let us know. But he's 2 and a half now and still in diapers. I've decided that this week since Gabe started school Cooper will be in intense potty training. And we have been aaaaall week. Every hour or half hour we're making a trip to the potty. If he doesn't go at the hour mark we wait a half hour and try again. I've also put him in regular underwear thinking that if he feels the mess more that it will help him. Well he just doesn't care either way. It doesn't bother him to be in a mess, he doesn't want to quit what he's doing to go potty. He just doesn't care. A couple times he's peed and then stopped to play in the puddle he made! Just now we went to the potty and he sat there for 10 minutes and did not pee, and then went directly to the living room, hid behind a curtain and peed. WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH HIM??!! I'm starting to get mad, and I know that's not going to help. So........ help....... please

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

nothing too exciting

Hello there! We were finally able to make it to Coop's MRI appointment at the end of last month. We had to reschedule a total of 4 times due to illnesses. So, we get there and Cooper is a teeny little rock star. He was so calm and good. He did not freak out or get upset during any part of the procedure (of course I stayed with him the WHOLE time) but he was so calm and well behaved that they didn't even need to put him all the way to sleep for the MRI. They only did stage 2 sedation, and that anesthesiologist said he had never been able to put a 2 year old in stage 2 sedation for an MRI. They were all so impressed with him. What a trooper. And I was relieved because the less sedation, the less risk. win win win! The neurologist said they actually found 2 cysts on the MRI but since they aren't affecting his development at all and since they have not changed in size that we don't need to follow up about it again. He said most people have these types of cysts and never even know they have them. I'm glad that's over and done with and that it's nothing to worry about. The only thing left to worry about is the bill. :)