Wednesday, November 23, 2011

funny looks

We took Cooper to Children's for his pulmonologist consult today. Everything's fine, he's maintaining very well, and we'll wait and see what this winter brings for him. Hopefully he'll weather it just fine and we can try stopping the maintenance inhaler in the spring. If not, then we'll just keep him on it. No big deal. Back to my story, and the original reason for this post -
At the appointment, Craig took Cooper with the lady to be weighed and to get vitals while Gabe and I stayed in the exam room. This was the conversation:
"Are you Dad?"
"And is Mom in the exam room?"
Then he explains to me that the lady proceeds to give him the "Man, you must be stupid" look.
Craig just smiled and thought the situation was amusing, and decided that she didn't need an explanation.
He doesn't care what people think or say, or how they look at him. We are mom and dad. Period.
Love my family!

Friday, November 4, 2011