Monday, October 17, 2011

A Brother

As I was laying Gabe down for a nap we were talking about playing in the fall leaves later today. I mentioned that I would be taking lots of pictures so we could send some to Cooper's first mommy.

He asked if that was the one that kept him in her tummy until he was ready to come out and I said yes.
And I said I was very glad that Cooper was part of our family now.
Gabe says, "Me too, I am very glad to have a brother."

And I am very glad that he's very glad to have a brother! They melt my heart!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tis the season

Gabe just got over strep throat. Now Cooper is sick...... again. His is all respiratory stuff............. again. Thank goodness his pulmonology consultation is next month. We're home sick today doing breathing treatments, inhaled steroids and oral steroids. Poor kid. He can't even run around without wheezing. At least now he's on a maintenance inhaler and some allergy meds. I think that will help a lot. We had planned on going up to mom and dad's this weekend. I was glad Gabe was on the mend, but I don't know if Coop will be well enough for us to go. I guess we'll just see how the next couple days goes. I am thanking God today that we're able to build up vacation time at work for situations like these. Praise God for good insurance and vacation time!