Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today was Cooper's 2nd birthday! Yay! I pulled his smiling little self out of bed this morning and remembered that morning 2 years ago when we were in the car driving up to meet him. And when I said "Happy birthday Cooper Reed!" it made me remember how we thought we had time to pick his middle name out, and were informed right before he was born that it had to be on all the official paperwork from that moment on, lol. I remembered how I was the first person that got to hold him on his very first birthday - a gift from his birthmother that I will never forget. I did a lot of remembering in that moment this morning. :) And I love that both of our boys have such special birthday stories. So different, but each just as wonderful.

He had a birthday party late this afternoon, with some family and family friends. My mom used skype so that she and my sister could watch him blow out his candles from 5 and half hours away. It was pretty cool.

Yes, the cake is store bought. I ran out of time and energy........... and the oven is broken. I put the candles on it though! It was actually pretty tasty. Anyway, he liked his cake and ice cream, and he liked his presents. He got a training potty, some clothes, some books, some of the bigger sized duplo legos (so he'll quit stealing Gabe's and scaring me), some color wonder paper and markers (which he took a break from opening presents to play with - he loves to color), he got some puzzles, and a train, and a monster truck.

AND.... drumroll please.......... he and Gabe got a bouncy castle from their great aunt! As you can imagine, it was a big hit at the party!

It was a gorgeous day to be outside, and we have tons of pictures, and Coop had a blast. We topped our day off with a walk in the stroller and an early bedtime. The only slightly bad thing I have to say about this day is................ I'm exhausted! But happy!