Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today the boys and I went to the McDonald's playland so the kids could play and I could visit with a friend from out of town. They were so cute! Cooper kept getting himself up into the apparatus and getting upset because he didn't know which way to go. Every time, Gabe would climb up and help him out. He would coax him down and encourage him and hold him and it was the sweetest thing. And Gabe was so proud of himself too - he felt like a hero. We eventually had to leave because Cooper wouldn't quit hugging the other children. hahaha! That doesn't sound too bad, but when Cooper hugs people he does a bear hug and then pulls the kid down to the floor with him. As you can understand, this upset a couple of them. He was even following this one little girl around trying to hug her. So, to keep the peace we packed up and headed home. :) I know that I'm flat out biased, but these two boys are the most awesome kids a mom could have.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

oh the joys of boys

Today Gabe ate so many Spaghetti-Os at lunch that he made himself sick.
Cooper was obviously bored after his nap today, so he grabbed some painting material from his diaper and went to town on himself and his crib.
Gabe's in the back-talking/disrespecting stage of his life, and Cooper's still stubborn as a mule. Life will never be dull in this household. :)