Saturday, May 7, 2011

just an update

T-ball has started. We seem to have a slow start because practice keeps being cancelled on account of rain. Our first game is this week. I hope they do well. Well, you know it really doesn't matter because it's just T-ball and they're only there to learn the basics I guess.

The IRS audited us when we applied for the adoption tax credit, so we faxed in all the paperwork, and now we wait 30 days to see what happens with that. Cooper's new birth certificate came yesterday and that was SO exciting.

Cooper loves to read. It is the cutest thing. Both boys love to read, so we sit on the couch and read stories and it is wonderful. I love it! It just kind of surprised me that Coop wanted to read so early. He picks out one of the his little board books and brings it over to you and plops down and waits to get started. :o)

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I am so happy to the mom of these two boys! It is the best thing I have going on in my life.

We were listening to a comedian talk about kids and he said having a boy in the house is like inviting a Viking over. There's looting and pillaging................ and yelling, and I laughed and laughed because that's how it is! There's always something going on!

Just today we were at a graduation party and I was holding Cooper and talking to the graduate and I glance over at Gabe and he has taken over the cake table and is trying to serve people cake with that spatula thing and it is getting a little messy, lol. Luckily Craig came over and saved that situation. Just as I was breathing a sigh of relief, I look down at Cooper and notice that he has dunked his entire hand up to the elbow into my cup of lemonade. You have to be looking directly at them every second to keep them out of trouble! And they're good kids too! They're not that crazy or bad-mannered (I don't think) They're just boys. :o)

I love it!