Friday, August 13, 2010

just an update

We have now tried all of the vegetables and fruits (and combinations of the aforementioned) that there are to try. He seems to like all of them but the green beans! My grandma said he's like a baby bird when he eats - just bobbing around with his mouth open. I thought it was funny, because that's almost exactly what he does! He also drank from a cup today. Not a sippy cup - he is not a fan of those - but a real cup! I couldn't believe it! I am quite impressed.

He has also moved up into the 6-9 month size clothes. Unfortunately most of Gabe's old clothes are winter clothes, so we have some shopping ahead of us. How said for me. lol. I love buying kids clothes! they're so darn cute.

Friday, August 6, 2010

okey dokey

We're doing alright here still. We have now tried peaches, sweet potatoes, and appleasauce baby food and seem to like all of them just fine. That kid eats so much! and he eats it so fast too! He ate a large jar of baby food in 10 minutes! and he kept kind of yelling at me and hopping around like he wanted me to shovel it in faster! He's too funny. He has also discovered his feet. He grabs them and just stares at them like he can't believe those are his. He's also awfully smiley. Which is great - we've never had a smiley baby before. His whole little face lights up.

We're going up to our original adoption agency next month to kind of share our adoption story at their orientation. It should be cool - I know I really appreciated the couple that shared their story at our orientaiton. It was very encouraging. Then finalization at the end of next month! woo!